04 October 2012- New review of Inner Trip's Initiate by "SoundGuardian" zine (Croatian) .

Sound Guardian


28 September 2012- Inner Trip's "Initiate " has been reviews with 8/10 score by "Molten Metal Reviews".

Sound Shock


19 September 2012- Initiate has received three new reviews recently . first one from "A Closer Listen" webzine which is famous enough in their job , the second one from " Beach Sloth" and the last from a Croatian zine entitled " Terapija" webzine , here you can read them all :

A Closer Listen

Beach Sloth

Terapija (Croatian)


19 September 2012- Inner Trip's "Initiate" finally has been released by Fluttery Records both is digital and physical album (CD) . For now you can listen the whole album as streaming and also make your order here:



29 August 2012- Inner Trip has received first review by MRU Magazine before its official release date of second album "Initiate" , read that here"MRU Magazine" zine .


04 June 2012- Newest review of Inner Trip debut album "Somewhere Near The Pulse" by "Hypnagogue" zine .


24 May 2012- Finally !!!! Here is the trailer of the second up-coming album from Inner Trip that entitled "Initiate". It's a medley of few songs. Also "Initiate" like the previous one will be released on Fluttery Records too. Stay tuned guys and Enjoy !!!



16 May 2012- I N I T I A T E ! It's the title of second album from Inner Trip which will be released also via "Fluttery Records " again . About the date of releasing I'm not sure yet but one thing is clear and it's this year . Just stay tuned for more news soon !


20 March 2012- Two new reviews of Inner Trip's "Somewhere Near The Pulse" in Spanish and Dutch by " Suicide By Star " and " Caleidoscoop " zines.


12 January 2012- A review of Inner Trip's "Somewhere Near The Pulse" by " Foxy Digitalis " .


04 January 2012- Inner Trip has been played on FADE TO YELLOW and KOOP 91.7fm radio last night ! 


23 December 2011- Read a short note from Against The Odds about the album ..


10 December 2011- Inner Trip's "Somewhere Near The Pulse" has received a review from Guilty Forest .


06 December 2011- Inner Trip has been featured in The Siren Sounds webzine .


03 December 2011- Gallery section is updated , don't forget to check that out !


01 December 2011- Since now Inner Trip debut album's "Somewhere Near The Pulse" is available to order both on CD and Digital download in here "Fluttery Records" . so if you interested please support my music. also if you are into the Facebook don't forget to join Inner Trip 's official page to get more fresh news .


29 November 2011- Inner Trip's album "Somewhere Near The Pulse" will be released by "Fluttery Records" finally in 01 December 2011 . shipping the CDs will be done from New York , U.S.A . the album will be available also in digital release ."Somewhere Near The Pulse" has 7 tracks with near 46 min total time , also you can listen to the whole album as streaming since now by click on the link below , more news soon !


08 July 2011- Welcome !